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In 2013, I made the (scary) decision to quit my full-time job without any future prospects or nest egg to fall back on. I had been working the job for almost 4 years and had stagnated. It wasn’t just frustrating…I cried in the mornings before work and in the nights when I knew I had to wake up the next day for work. I chose to leave because a) life is too short and b) if I didn’t, I would never look for anything new. The job, and the weight it pressed on me, was holding me back from making any advances because I was too miserable to do anything after work but lie in bed and stream Netflix.

Around that time, I found a great quote that felt like a sign that I was going in the right direction. I’ve seen 100000000 variations of it and I’ve seen it cited to many people, but the quote I saw was Ray Bradbury’s and this is it:

"Sometimes You Just Have to Jump out the Window
and Grow Wings on the Way Down"

It stuck with me, and I continue to find it relevant to each decision I make. For everything I’ve done, I’ve never felt truly ready. What I do when I’m not ready is, well, not do it. Therein lies the problem. If there are things I want to do (quit my job, try a new hobby, exercise), I let the details (not having another job right away, not having the money or tools, not having the right sneakers) keep me from ever even starting.

Back to 2013, when I put in my notice and saw the above quote, I was inspired to start a blog about this new chapter of my life. At the time, I was blogging on the same site I had for five years (you can read that here) and I really enjoyed it. But this time, I wanted to pull focus to particular topics, be a bit more open about the blocks I put up and hardships I face, and create a place where I can share the moments of being lost and finding my way out (and how you can, too!).

I had many A-HA! moments while planning this blog. I picked the name (obvious) and started the ball rolling on Blogger. I wrote vigorous notes after sleep-deprived nights and coffee-fueled mornings. I opened Word documents and wrote fake posts when I felt inspired. But remember…this started near the end of 2013 and it’s now 2015. The math shows that I let one whole year pass without doing anything for this space, for myself. All of the creative energy was there but I was scared (still am) and fear is what keeps me in PJs all day, watching the whole series of How I Met Your Mother for the 5th time. Not good.

Finally, last night, I decided that I should just START POSTING. A huge excuse as to why I haven’t done this yet is because I didn’t create a fancy header or a color scheme. Why launch the space without having it ready in the visual sense? The answer is: I wouldn’t do it. It would stay in a state of Almost for, quite possibly, ever. The point of this space is for me to write. That’s why I’ve always enjoyed blogging, anyway. I’m a “writer”, not a graphic designer.

Just Start. The Project Life card I’m holding in the photo above served as the final push I needed to do the damn thing. I had the idea to hold the card myself for the picture. Then I remembered that my nail polish is chipped beyond all reason (something I usually label a travesty) thanks to a lot of intensive townhouse moving and furniture building. “I’ll wait until I paint my nails to take the picture. Then I’ll do it,” my silly mind said. I was doing it again. Another excuse. Who knows when I would get around to painting my nails (my polishes are still packed)? And it was late and I didn’t want to go through the process of removing it. It was a now or never situation and I decided to do it now.

The photo ultimately sets the tone for this space, for what I do (or don’t do) on a daily basis. Instead of knowing for sure whether I’m “ready” or not, instead of having everything perfect (which, as most of us know, is basically impossible to achieve), I have to just do it and the rest will happen on the way.


Here’s to the beginning of something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I hope you’ll join me.

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